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Bran-spankin' NEW song!

2011-09-11 15:12:57 by Spillkaidah

So first off, I wanna drop a HUGE thank you to everyone who was a part of getting Nap to the front page. That was seriously awesome! What's more is the reception it got, in loo of it, I will DEFINITELY be posting more.

And it's not an animation, but my new song The Poison Thought is something I'm proud to say I put 100% of myself into. Give it a listen!

(and for full auditory pleasure, it's best played at full volume ;)


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2011-09-12 02:11:56

8=====D why the long face?

Spillkaidah responds:

lol, 'not getting your reference. my icon's the only face i see and it's especially round :.


2011-09-16 18:10:02

First off, I believe that penis Starogre drew is supposed to double as a 'long face'.

Secondly, it's 'lieu' not 'loo'. And it means substitute, not response, like i believe you're trying to say. I'm not a dick, I'm just trying to help and you seem pretty responsive.

Third, I think you would benefit greatly from a class on music theory (or learn online). I've never taken one myself but I believe its what your music needs. Your music evokes deep personal emotion which is essential to all great music but it lacks structure. I really enjoyed all of your music, much of it has a great hook, making use of a theremin type sound but its much sharper, not as whiny as the theremin usually sounds. Kinda reminiscent of a midi sound from NES days and new wave 8-bit sounds but not really.

Your favorite, is mine too. The Poison Thought has a great riff, makes my head bob. Nap, my original interest, is also pretty rad. But it feels like a short lived adventure that had more to say.

I'm no expert, but I like to think I've been pretty observant these past 26 years. To me what makes great music is deep emotion put into a new sound, it's why i subscribe to indie music. Take for instance, you see Dubstep pop up, and suddenly a million other artists emerge with the same stuff. Not very original if you ask me, just jumping on the bandwagon. The great stuff comes from originality, with bits and pieces learned from others. And to me, this is pretty unusual, meaning good. Haha.

Anyhow here's a few bands I think appeal to your genre and might enjoy if you don't already know em:

For something made generic try MGMT's album Congratulations. It kicked some serious ass, with Flash Delirium and Siberian Breaks paving the way, for me at least.

Yppah's album They Know What Ghost Know electrified my brain cells. A local Houston band that didn't get the recognition they deserved and moved to Cali. If you want the album, you can PM me. Gumball Machine Weekend is fun stuff and Playing with Fireworks has an amazing use of this seagull noise.

For something a little different try TOBACCO. I couldn't really give you an album but if you can find this video they made online somewhere, check it out. It's called Fucked Up Friends. Its made in VHS quality using old clips from the 90's with their music playing in the background. It's stellar shit, specially stoned. Haha.

Hope this helps.

Spillkaidah responds:

the first two things, i had been informed of after posting. and by all means, i am a grammar snob as well so i'm glad to learn the right usage.

As for the music theory suggestion, i am fully open and eager to learn more about it. I've always rejected classical lessons for the piano because i preferred to do my own composing, so learning the logistics behind music creation would be a happy medium between rejecting the hard work and embracing it. also, those were genuine 8bit samples and sfx in the song.

Nap was a project outside of everything else in the school, so indeed it didn't receive the attention it deserved. (it's my own fault i know, but my future projects will certainly be fully developed.)

I totally agree with your view on great music. it's what i strive for and is the reason i generally reject dubstep. There is some good stuff out there of course.

i don't have the time to listen to them all atm, but thanks a lot for all the suggestions! i love discovering new music and these definitely qualify. MGMT's always enjoyable, i've got their other albums too. and as i don't have the time to listen to all of them, i don't have time to PM you, but expect it soon, cuz i am interested.

Thanks for all the input!