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Update on Projects

2012-01-28 11:19:54 by Spillkaidah

Well, the second semester is under way. I didn't complete any new animations over the first one, but this time around I hope to crank out another short. I'm pretty excited about this idea so fingers crossed that I can keep up the momentum.

Also, I did post a new song, Lemon Soda Acid Drop, but there should be another soon to follow- Between Days. And it will be my first post including lyrics. So i'll be seeing you then Newgrounds!

Bran-spankin' NEW song!

2011-09-11 15:12:57 by Spillkaidah

So first off, I wanna drop a HUGE thank you to everyone who was a part of getting Nap to the front page. That was seriously awesome! What's more is the reception it got, in loo of it, I will DEFINITELY be posting more.

And it's not an animation, but my new song The Poison Thought is something I'm proud to say I put 100% of myself into. Give it a listen!

(and for full auditory pleasure, it's best played at full volume ;)