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Masq - The Feelies Masq - The Feelies

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I agree with everything people are saying about the intro- great job on that. But i think the number one thing that's bringing the drop down is the snare. wayy too resonant and unchanging. I'd see what other snares you have in your inventory to see if there's a less imposing sample in there. Also i love that soft pad you have going every 8 measures or so, i think it could be brought forward a little more. Nice job overall for sure.

jpbear responds:

yea i really regretted using this snare, the tail is way too long for a 175ish bpm song, on headphones and monutors it sounds alright but on big subby systems it really gets obnoxious.

appreciate the thoughts :)

Midnight Cruise V2 Midnight Cruise V2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I feel like i'm playing an awesome infinity-scape style 80's game. Then the sax comes in and kinda reinforces that imagery. definitely sets the mood and mindframe. the only thing i think it's missing is some crispy and really nostalgic pads bending in and out of the chord progression. It's jammin at this point, but once you get some atmosphere and maybe reverbed echo tonal perc melodies in the background you'll have something full. It's clear that you've got some good improvisational skills cuz you can hear how direct the process must have been.

WrathOfTwinmold responds:

Thanks for the review! I agree, more pads bending in and out of the chord progressions would be sweet. The improv-styled solos were the most fun part of writing this song; it's why I love fusion jazz so much. Glad you liked it!

And Some More Something And Some More Something

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hell yea man! This is sounding really nice. awesome variety of texture at the climax. the sine is beautiful. and once it really hit i was definitely into it. on the flip side, get some meat on those drums and fill out the bass, it needs more oomf.

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Kingdaro responds:

i agree 100%, thanks for the review.

Kindermuzik Kindermuzik

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love this kind of music! Fubaka said it reminded him of aphex twin or autechre-- i posit Boards of Canada. eerily like Boards of Canada. May i ask what kind of equipment do you use?

5/5 no doubt. but i would have loved to hear some more body to it, possibly some pads to back things up.

architecture responds:

I used a Roland TR808 for the drums, and a Roland SH2 with a Roland Chorus Echo RE501. Sadly not recorded analog because it required overdubbing to get additional melodies and I dont have a multitrack reel to reel yet.

The Lonely Pigeon (R&R) The Lonely Pigeon (R&R)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

mkay, haha got some humor going in there i see.

not too big on the lyrics, but yea man... this is great. i can tell we both like the same genre. have you heard of Mille? search him out- his shit is commendable.

not too much else to say here, but i'm taking away a point cuz the 'lyrics' weren't working for me, and the snare could have used some more consideration. still 5ing it though.

KioryFreeman responds:

Yea this song isn't to everyone's taste, it's was just for fun and for myself at the end of the day. :)

I godda admit though, I'm not entirely great with beats, in fact I have no imagination when it comes to it. :P

Thanks for the review dude!

Gaming in the late 80's Gaming in the late 80's

Rated 5 / 5 stars

dude, what is with the ZEROBOMBERS??

for real... some people are very vengeful on this site. but dude this song is fuckin awesome. i've always loved the sound of the 80's. and as far as it's been romanticized, i think you hit it on the head. great synths, they all meld so well. the bass is just driving it all the way through. the harmonies you were landing were really epic.

and something you did really well were the parts in between the melody breaks, too often are people break-downs drab and boring. not this though, every part of it you just felt like you're a 16 bit rendering of a dude with sunglasses furrowing his brow at the sunset as he rides a hover motorcycle across the desert-- bitmap cacti racing past you.

haha, anyways, yea i loved this. i found you on the advert forum. i think my latest song is kinda in the same vein as yours here, you should give it a listen when you read this. i definitely appreciate all feedback too :)

5/5'd without a second thought. i'm also downloading and putting it on my ipod.

KioryFreeman responds:

Ahh dude, I can't thank you enough for this review, I sincerely appreciate it!

I'll check out your stuff for sure, expect some feedback soon.

[dj-Jo] Life Line [dj-Jo] Life Line

Rated 5 / 5 stars

found you on the advert forum :p

you're sad about no reviews? i've barely gotten any votes :/ you should give my latest a listen after this.

onto yours though. great use of vocal samples with the breaks!! adding a theme like that always really ties a song together. you got some real intensity going in this one. however, some of those basses seem to be battling against each other. or maybe its the strength of the reverb on the bright lead.

best part of this song was the epic saw at 3:40. it really got there at that part.

5/5 man, nice work.

Origins of Chaos Origins of Chaos

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

oh she-it :D

dude, at first i was like ehh, but come the 3 minute mark, i was definitely diggin it. lmao, is this inception sampling i hear? (i'm typing as i listen) and considering i just switched to high quality headphones, i'm enjoying it even more! the harmonic squelchy bass thing definitely has some good influence on the song.

couple things tho, where did the choir go to so fast? and the pad in the background that started around 3:10 could have used some specialization, sounds straight outta da synthesizer. lastly, if you notice the surround of your sound-bites, it kinda makes the rest of the song seem small and monophonic. other than that. this is a pretty sick beat.

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Tydusis responds:

Yeah the choir was kinda last minute and I didn't really think that through. This track had started out as a ten second loop of various over laid bass and drum stuff I had made a few month back. I was reading the forums about Madness Day and noticed the audio contest and I dusted off the loop today. I was going to try and perhaps make something for the contest, but then I started going off in a different direction. I was trying to capture what it feels like when someone becomes evil. I was trying express that emotionally somehow and that REALLY long intro resulted (I consider that to be most of the part with the eerie organ sound).

I had no direct control over how most of the samples sounded. It was ALL loops. You see, I use this program called audiotool where lots of people can make songs from provided royalty-free samples. They can also make samples of there own and add it to the cloud. There are synthesizer tools and all the basic stuff in the program, but I have a potentially bad habit of making a song without adding anything new to the cloud. In other words, you could say all I made was the arrangement of the samples. For this particular song, I didn't even use any after effects.

Oh and about that inception sound, I was just browsing the cloud clicked on a random sample. It didn't even call itself "inception" or any thing like that, just "bass horn" or something like that. Once I knew what I had, I knew it would add some heaviness where I wanted it. In fact that part of the song was kinda rewritten around it. I just hope it doesn't add too much cliche.

When I come back to this song to redo it, I'll look into that surroundness thing.

I'm glad you liked it and thank you for your lengthy, informative review.

Crimson Polished Crimson Polished

Rated 3 / 5 stars

yea man,

why post it in such a state? it doesn't represent it as it is at all. guitars should be clear and harmonic. you could have even attempted some white noise cancellation or something at least.

a nice song, but this file of it is pretty poor.


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ESPplayer29 responds:

Thanks and I will definitely take that into consideration. I'm new to doing it here and I'm all up for honest opinions. I appreciate the support. Me and my buddy really just don't have time like we used to but we're gonna try soon to be posting stuff between our two user accounts. I will probably remove everything I have. I just had my first thing posted at the beginning of the month. It took a while for them to okay it as well. So thanks for the honest opinion and I will go for it. Thanks!

Into mordor we go Into mordor we go

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i use FL studio too

but you gotta get away from the standard FL studio sound. For example, we all know that's dance snare 3 (and the 'whats this knob do' vocal... it's pretty much the first no-no of FL usage). and especially for dubstep, its so important to have original samples to make the song stand by itself as a demonstration of superior mastering and sound selection. Because unfortunately it's not difficult to come up with a dubstep melody... all your instruments are doing the right kinda stuff, its just a matter of making sure they sound exactly how they should.

That little riff at 2:12 was a pleasant surprise. had there been some reenforcement with a heavy bass and some pads behind it, i'd be bobbing my head uncontrollably... sadly it's not quite there yet.


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deendeon1000 responds:

i understand what you mean. but thanks for the review, it helps me know what to work on so thanks for that. and i have ideas for samples but i dont have the equipment yet.